The Communists are convinced that the barrier will

The Communists are not afraid 5% threshold for parliamentary elections. This was stated by deputy from the Communist Party Eugene Tsar’kov, “Interfax-Ukraine”. “I am confident that its 5% we take. Moreover, the sociological service, not ours, we draw today 6-12%. I am confident that we konsoliduyemos and definitely take our 5% and even more” – he said. The MP also said he believes “minus” principle of formation. “Everything will decide the commission – the most…

"The Communists are convinced that the barrier will"

Yatseniuk says that opposition to new rules of elections is satisfied

According to the law adopted on Thursday the opposition wins the parliamentary elections of 2012. This was announced by party leader “Front of Changes”, Arseniy Yatseniuk, said his press service. As you know, on Thursday the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law on Elections of People’s Deputies. The party noted that a law “takes into account the demands of the opposition and will not rig the vote in 2012.” “This bill was produced as a result…

"Yatseniuk says that opposition to new rules of elections is satisfied"

Election will be mixed with no blocks of 5% threshold

Parliament adopted the law on elections. According voted 366 votes. YTB ??has 62 votes, PSD – 36. Against -6 abstained – 5. According to law, the election of deputies carried out a mixed (proportional and majority) system: 225 are elected by the proportional system, 225 are elected by plurality. The law establishes a 5% electoral threshold. Units of participation in elections do not take. Contributed Commission Act also provides: – Determine what decision the election commission on voting…

"Election will be mixed with no blocks of 5% threshold"

Donetsk “chernobyls” want to send Yanukovych resigns

Chernobyl, which continue to strike in Donetsk, believe that President Viktor Yanukovychshould resign. This was stated by a representative of the initiative group of Chernobyl Vasily Labuninwrites “Donetsk.Kommentaryy.” According to him, on Friday again none of the authorities failed to take up contact with theprotesters. “None of Azarov nor Yanukovych we do not promise any meetings. Azarov may once wasa Jew, believes that can be treated this way with people. But people are already full cup of patience,” – he said. “By and large, Yanukovych should then resign. What we have chosen here, we became alesson for life” – said Labunin. He added that the Chernobyl Donetsk received a telegram from Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk. “People write to us and support. We want to join our requirements and other privilegedcategories, teachers, and Costs,” – said chernobylets. As you know, in Donetsk continue to starve 43 Chernobyl.HollyDolly

"Donetsk “chernobyls” want to send Yanukovych resigns"

Над Ландіком розпочався суд

У м. Луганські сьогодні о 12.00 годині розпочалося судове слухання справи Р. Ландіка, який нагадаємо у липні у нічному клубі жорстоко побив дівчину. На засіданні суду був присутній Р. Ландік, та потрепіла М. Коршунова зі своїм адвокатом. За 10 хвилин після початку судового засідання суддя покиную залу суду, за нею  покинув залу суду також адвокат Ландіка, після чого було оголошено, що Р. Ландік бере 10 хвилинну перерву для перемовин з адвокатом.HollyDolly

"Над Ландіком розпочався суд"