In Spain today – early parliamentary elections

In Spain today will be early elections. According to the radio “Freedom” voting for five months ahead of schedule carried out in connection with the loss of confidence in the Government of Prime Minister Jose LuisRodriguez Zapatero. Aroused criticism, especially the inability to cope with the Government of acute financial and economic crisis and the highest unemployment in the euro area. In the elections involved about 20 dozen political parties and coalitions. However the main struggle, according to the forecasts unfold between the two leading political forces -Socialists, who were still in power, and liberal opposition People’s Party.HollyDolly

"In Spain today – early parliamentary elections"

In Sevastopol from land outlined logo Euro 2012

In Sevastopol yesterday evening in a restaurant produced the largest mural in Ukrainefrom land as a logo for Euro 2012. According to an UNIAN correspondent, the total area of ??panels was 4.66 square meters.m, width – 1.97 m, length – 2,33 m On the teaching panel 11 sushystam took 34 minutes 23 seconds. Expert National Register of Records Sergei CHERNYSHOVA presented restaurant owner, who made the panel, diploma “Most panels from land.” In an interview to UNIAN, he said that so far the biggest picture, made from land, was considered a picture, registered on 30 November 2005 in Kiev. Its length was 1.4 m, width- 60 cm, weight – 20 kg, the time spent on production – 27 minutes. At the auction panel bought resident of Sevastopol, paying seven thousand. As announced presenter evening, this amount will be transferred to an…

"In Sevastopol from land outlined logo Euro 2012"

Head of the UGCC on the Ukrainians have experienced “the cheapest weapons of mass destruction”

Ukrainian people and the whole civilized world is still waiting for thorough study of famine and debunking myths about the Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-33 in the twentieth century. This was stated by the Primate of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) in New York, said the Department of Information Church. Blessed SVIATOSLAV stressed that the events of 1932-33 is very little known. In his opinion, not everyone in Ukraine have the courage to speak the…

"Head of the UGCC on the Ukrainians have experienced “the cheapest weapons of mass destruction”"