Head of the UGCC on the Ukrainians have experienced “the cheapest weapons of mass destruction”

Ukrainian people and the whole civilized world is still waiting for thorough study of famine and debunking myths about the Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-33 in the twentieth century. This was stated by the Primate of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) in New York, said the Department of Information Church. Blessed SVIATOSLAV stressed that the events of 1932-33 is very little known. In his opinion, not everyone in Ukraine have the courage to speak the…

"Head of the UGCC on the Ukrainians have experienced “the cheapest weapons of mass destruction”"

Yanukovych congratulated Kirill on his birthday

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has sent greetings to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow on the occasion of the birth. As the presidential press service. in greeting reads: “Your holiness! Let me heartily congratulate you on birthday. Your unquenchable faith in the triumph of Orthodoxy andmultifaceted tireless work in the name of the Orthodox Church and inspire hope in the hearts of millions of Orthodox. Please accept, Your Holiness, sincere wishes for spiritualand bodily strength, inexhaustible energy, God’s blessing of your act. ” *** Patriarch Kirill (Vladimir HUNDYAYEV) was born on 20 November 1946.HollyDolly

"Yanukovych congratulated Kirill on his birthday"

People’s Deputy from BYT campaigning for Jaworowski threats?

Before the elections the head of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine deputies from BYuT “Fatherland” Called delegates to Congress with instructions to vote for Vladimir Jaworowski. This correspondent spoke Gazeta.ua Lutsk writer Vladimir November during the Sixth Congress of NSPU, held on 19 November in the House of Artists. “One MP from the BYuT does not read any of the Ukrainian writer, began to ring up the delegates of the congress. It started…

"People’s Deputy from BYT campaigning for Jaworowski threats?"

Efremov: in parliament should be two main political forces

People’s Deputy of Ukraine, leader of the Party of Regions faction Oleksandr Efremovbelieves that Parliament should be two main political forces, for multi-party systemdiscredits public confidence in politicians. He said in a broadcast channel 5. “I would really like to see after some period of time the level of political culture weapproached the other civilized countries, where there are several political parties, the system has” two plus one “- said Oleg Efremov. “Powerful political parties struggling for power, if they do not take into account the opinionsof certain circles of voters – then formed another small party, which also ultimately pass inparliament and have balance in the parliament that political situation, which should be” – shared their thoughts policies.HollyDolly

"Efremov: in parliament should be two main political forces"

Lutsenko explains why the main trouble in Ukrainian

Головна біда українців – не в бездарних учасниках шоу, а в тому, що обібрані до нитки глядачі покірно ходять на кориду і десятиліттями чекають матадора – месію. Про це у своїй статті для ZN.UA пише екс-міністр внутрішніх справ Юрій Луценко. «Бажання жити так, як живуть у заможній і вільній Європі, без помітного бажання постійної брати особисту участь у суспільному житті – ось ключова проблема безхребетної України, — пише Ю.Луценко. – Лідери нації не падають із небес, вони…

"Lutsenko explains why the main trouble in Ukrainian"